Thursday, March 17, 2011


UDAAN tells the story of thousands of youths from India’s middle class families. It is undoubtedly a significant film about the youth, so often disparaged for the eager, an ungratified pursuit of their dreams and imaginations. It is a story about the youth who does not want to act like robots, does not want to be programmed like robots. Who just want to listen to the voice of their heart and want to do whatever their heart tells them to. It is such an emotionally charged film that sometimes moves you to tears. It is a very simple, straight-forward film that doesn’t need to be explained. It is a movie which needs to be rather experienced. Touching, unnerving and disturbing movie. The simplicity of the movie is what makes the movie wonderful. It is a story which is not too uncommon in India but the way it has been shown is what brings the freshness in the film. It is a story of anguish and escaping away to fly the kite of one’s dreams.
The film begins with the four impish teenagers who has just been rusticated from their boarding school after they were caught watching an adult film (Kanti Shah ke Angoor) by their dean. The story follows the life of one of the boys Rohan ( Rajat Barmecha), who has not been to home in eight years. After being expelled, he has to go back to the steel town of Jamshedpur and live with his father ( Ronit Roy), owner of a small steel factory. As he reaches home, he comes to know the existence of his step-brother Arjun ( Aayan Boradia). On his return home, Rohan is forced to work in his father’s steel factory against his wishes. And the authoritarian, oppressive and tyrant his father is, he can’t even question him. As he is stuck there with his dream of becoming a writer seemingly getting shattered, he learns to cope up with life. Soon he discovers that his brother is also a victim of his father’s wrath. He starts to love his step brother, manages to write between work and college, sneaks out for a drink or two at night but inspite of all this, he is getting suffocated badly. He wants to escape. He wants to live like a free bird. He wants to fly. He wants to fulfill his dream. He doesn’t want to live his life at the cost of his dream...
The fourth main character in the movie is Jimmy (Ram kapoor), a kind and caring uncle to the kids, a dramatic dissimilarity from his elder brother. His soothing characterisation eases the pressure on both of the kids. The film is high on emotional quotient. Many scenes stay with you long even after you are done watching the movie. There is nothing ‘bollywood’ about this film, it’s as if this movie was shot with a handy cam capturing the lives of a real family. Every scene of the movie relates to our lives somewhere in some way or the other.
Ronit Roy, as a single father has done his job with the perfection. He insists the two sons call him ‘sir’. He doesn’t like arguments, and after his daily evening drink, cannot control his anger. Beating the children is commonplace and emotional abuse is constant. He is completely frustrated and his children are the only victims of his frustration. Barmecha has done an impeccable job in portraying a kid who has lived his life in one of the best boarding schools and now stuck in a small town. He sneaks out at night for drinks and smoke, and still manages to jog with his father in the morning. His poems are really beautiful, so you just want to listen to them again and again. His step-brother is raw talent and displays a wide emotional range with panache. He is very adorable, very real and so cute you just fall in love with him. He is somewhat aware of what is going on but obviously at his age, he just can’t do anything at all. He oozes cuteness and sympathy every time he is on screen.
The music of the film is simply amazing. Songs are such meaningful, simple and touching that suits the mood. I couldn’t help but notice how aptly soundtracks fit the mood of the film at various points.
As the film moves towards it denouement, you desperately hope that Rohan breaks the shackles and frees himself from such a suffocating world... I still remember the scene when his father is chasing him after getting poked, some words came out from my mouth unintentionally- Run Rohan, run.......I just wished that his father could never catch him up..I think this is quite obvious after watching such type of movie. This is the movie that will send chills down your spine. It is such an inspirational movie which will help you to ‘fly out of a cage’ if you are in one. It is just filled with unforgettable moments. It won’t be easy for me to forget this movie soon....I am mad at it....I am highly satisfied by the movie....I just hoped that the film could never come to an end....I am still lost in the movie....I can’t stop myself thinking about it and listening to the songs...A must watch for all.....Hats off to Anurag Kashyap and Vikram Motwane.....
My favourite song.....awesome lyrics....every word, every sentence....flawless...
पैरों की बेड़ियाँ ख्वाबों को बांधे नहीं रे, कभी नहीं रे
मिटटी की परतों को नन्हे से अंकुर भी चीरे, धीरे धीरे
इरादे हरे हरे, जिनके सीनों में घर करे
वो दिल की सुने करे ना डरे, ना डरे
सुबह की किरणों को रोकें जो सलाखें है कहाँ
जो ख्यालों पे पहरे डाले वो आँखें है कहाँ
पर खुलने की देरी है परिंदे उढ़ के झूमेंगे
आसमान आसमान आसमान
आजादीयाँ, आजादीयाँ
आगे न कभी , मिले मिले मिले
आजादीयाँ आजादीयाँ
जो छीने वही, जी ले जी ले जी ले


mohit mittal said...

Dear Pankaj
Firstly I want to thank you from the core of my heart to post a review about a movie which is very close to me and also is a very significant movie for Indian cinema as a whole. The way you felt about this movie is very obvious for any individual of our age to feel like after watching it. But the words you have chosen to portray the greatness of this movie are your own and have come from the 'Rohan' hidden somewhere inside you who wants to seek his freedom and carry on his own 'Udaan' from the tyrannies of this world to another world which exists beyond... Keep it up.
Keep writing
wish you all the luck...

Pankaj Aggarwal said...

Dear Mohit
Thanks. You have rightly said that Rohan must be somewhere hidden inside me who craves for freedom and wants to escape from this artificial world. I think everyone must be having 'Rohan' or 'Andy' of Shawshank hidden somewhere inside them. What you need to do is to just look for them inside you.

Sunil Aggarwal said...

Dear Laalli
Another brilliant stroke from your fingers. Let's focus on the scene of running when father pursues his son. this is the case of sheer strength and competition. A competition between the present and the past. first he wins but after covering a distance, when he feels that he is now out of range for his father; he stops and also realizes that there is also a loss. That loss is difficult to explain. We are in the midst of inter-generational war which nobody seems to be winning. I would ask you to meditate on that scene- complete scene beginning from the poking to the end of chase and Rohan's sudden stopping. See this entire wholesomeness in a continuity and then re-enter life.

anamika said...

Mr. Pankaj
You have exposed the reality of every young mind in a very beautiful way but Mr. Sunil's view has forced to think more when someone go away from his/her near and dear ones with a dream of free fly than what would be the situation of mind, Its really a big question-mark?

Pankaj Aggarwal said...

Dear Chachu
Thanks for your views.
I have been watching that very scene since four consecutive days. It is disturbing me a lot. A lot of questions are arising in my mind which i fail to comprehend. How long these inter-generational wars would be going on? Would it happen someday when we could win these wars? Is this the only way to fly out of cage? Would it happen someday when there would be no cage for us? When? When? When?

Pankaj Aggarwal said...

Hi Anamika
Thanks for your appreciation.
I think there are much more issues unresolved yet. Would it happen someday when our last generations, our society, our family systems would be able to understand what is really going on? Would they be able someday to understand the major problems of today? When would we be able to create spaces for ourselves where we can freely talk? Dont we have language? Dont we have expression? Actually we dont have spaces. We need to build up spaces where we can live freely, think freely, dream freely, breathe freely and talk freely. where we can do everything without fear. We need to weaken this bridge of inter-generational communication gap and vanish the existence of it.