Saturday, March 03, 2012


I have just read an article on the internet that the percentage of viewers watching porn is increasing tremendously day by day. According to a senior executive from the mobile industry, out of 70 million global mobile users who watch adult content, 13 per cent or 9 million are from India. Even there was recent news that three ministers of Karnataka have resigned after they were caught watching porn in the Vidhan Sabha. Over the years adult content has been the most searched on the web, but now mobiles are also witnessing the same phenomenon. The executive further said, "On an average, these 9 million Indians who watch porn or adult content on mobile spend around Rs 5,500 (70 pounds) per annum to get good quality adult videos on their phone."
After reading the article, suddenly a thought got struck in my mind and I asked myself why this is happening? Why are we so fascinated by pornography? Is this something we need to see furtively? Why can’t we accept it as the way it is? Why do we feel so embarrassed in case of getting caught? Why is it considered illegal? Why? Why? Why? Sometimes I really get mad thinking about all these issues. Centuries have passed and we have always been repressed from everything which seems so natural. We have always been distracted from our originality as well as our individuality and this process starts from the very birth. Every possible effort has been made by our societies and our so called religious people to make us nothing less than a slave. And the beauty of the thing is this- they do it so perfectly that nobody would have even an idea of this fraud by the time he\she grows up. Strange but true…
I have read an article by OSHO so I just thought of sharing his views about pornography. See what he says-
There is no need to be interested in pornography. When you are against the real, you start imagining. The day religious upbringing disappears from earth, pornography will die. It cannot die before it. This looks very paradoxical. Magazines like Playboy exist only with the support of the Vatican. Without the Pope, there will be no Playboy magazine; it cannot exist. It will not have any reason to exist. The priest is behind it.
Why should you become interested in pornography when alive people are there? And it is so beautiful to look at alive people. You don’t become interested in the picture of a naked tree, do you? Because all trees are naked! Just do one thing: cover all the trees, and sooner or later you will find magazines circulating underground – naked trees! And people will be reading them, putting them inside their Bibles and looking at them and enjoying. Try it and you will see.
Pornography can disappear only when people accept their nudity naturally. You don’t want to see cats and dogs and lions and tigers naked in pictures – they are naked! In fact, when a dog passes you, you don’t even recognise the fact; you don’t take note of it that he is naked. There are few ladies in England, I have heard, who cover their dogs with clothes. They are afraid that the nudity of the dog may disturb some religious, spiritual soul. I have heard, Bertrand Russell has written in his autobiography that in his childhood days those were the days, Victorian days – that even the legs of the chairs were covered, because they are legs.
Let man be natural and pornography disappears. Let people be nude….not that they have to sit nude in their offices; there is no need to go that far. But on the beaches, on the rivers, or when they are at ease, relaxing in their homes, resting under the sun in their gardens, they should be nude! Let children play around nude, around their nude mother and father. Pornography will disappear! Who will look at the playboy magazine? For what? Something is being deprived, some natural curiosity is being deprived, hence pornography.
Get rid of the priest within you, say goodbye. And then suddenly you will see that pornography has disappeared. Kill the priest in your unconscious and you will see a great change happening in your being. You will be more together.
Priests go on repressing; and there are anti-priests, Hugh Hefners and others- they go on creating more and more pornography. So, on one side, there are priests who go on repressing, and then there are others, anti-priests who go on making sexuality more and more glamorous. They both exist together- aspects of the same coin. When churches disappear, only then Playboy magazines will disappear, not before that. They are partners in the same business. They look enemies, but don’t be deceived by that. They talk against each other, but that’s how things work.
I have heard an anecdote:
There were two men who were out of business, had gone broke, so they decided on a business, a very simple business. They started journeying, touring from one town to another town. First one would enter, and in the night he would throw coal tar’s on people windows and doors. After two or three days, the other would come to clean. He would say that he could clean any coal tar, or anything that had gone wrong, and he would clean the windows. In that time, the other would be doing half of the business in another town. This way, they started earning much money.
This is what is happening between the church and Hugh Hefners and people who are continuously creating pornography.