Friday, April 08, 2011


All I want is freedom
To live like a bird,
Want to fly high,
Where sky is the limit,
Free from any cage...

All I want is freedom,
Free from this hypocritical world,
Free from emotional sufferings,
Free from moral burdens,
Free from all boundaries...

All I want is freedom,
To be an animal,
Free from any restraints,
Free from any interference,
Free from any shackles....

All I want is freedom,
To live my life in my own way,
Free from all traps,
Free from this reality,
Free from these structures...

All I want is Freedom,
Freedom to fuck,
Freedom to think,
Freedom to learn...
Freedom to be ME...

All i want is freedom,
Freedom freedom freedom
Is it too much to ask?

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Umesh Bawa said...

Completion of war is better rather than winning it..