Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is today’s youth living under stress?

The answer to this question is seriously YES. Today’s youth is living under stress. Stress is the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure from the outside world. Stress arises when people face a situation, which they think to be impossible to manage within their physical and emotional resources. Stress makes a person feel disgusted, angry, rejected, and depressed. What causes stress? Stressors are the causes of stress. These stressors may be physical or emotional. Events, situations, people are the various stressors. The most common stressors in the youth’s life are financial problems in the family, pressure of expectations from others, break-ups with boyfriend/girlfriend, career planning, failure in the examinations, inhibition etc. Finance is the main stressor in the youth’s life. Their income is not rising as fast as the rate of inflation which cause pressure on mind that how to deal with the day-to-day expenses i.e. mobile bills, electricity bills, home expenses. We always expect something from others e.g. from our parents and friends. But when our expectation does not fulfill, we get disheartened. In today’ life everybody wants his/her partner. Everybody desires of having a girlfriend/boyfriend. But the problem is such we are not as much mature in this age that we can establish a good relationship with him/her. As a result, misunderstandings occur that lead to the break-ups. As we all know that today’s youth are career-oriented. They always worry about their career planning. As everyone wants to live a relaxed and smooth life so they have to strive much to secure their future. Another serious phenomenon for youth is ‘teenagers suicide’. Due to the depression on mind regarding the preparation of exams, they couldn't prepare as much as they should be. As a result, some failed in the examination that put such a stress on their mind that they commit suicide. Instead of facing with life’s challenges, they want everything to be granted.
Inhibition is also a main cause of stress for youth. They always worry about what the other person is going to think about them. Youth mind’s tendency is to cling more to the negative than to the positive. They need to take responsibility for themselves and ensure that their minds are clear, and not clogged. They always excuse or complain of concentration. When? Do we require concentration when we love the subject? We require concentration only for which we don’t like to do. So just love everything and do seriously which you do. Youth need to realize that they have huge potential and strength to achieve what they want. The true measure of success is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child that is able to deal effectively with life’s challenges.
There is another school of thought for stress. The question is ‘Why stress should not be’? Some say that stress should be in everyone’s life. If stress is not there, he/she will be satisfied or he/she will not strive which is wrong. A person should keep his efforts going on. Stress makes a person aggressive, work hard to lead always. It’s not the job of an individual rather it’s a job of a society. It depends upon them to classify stress into positive and negative stress. And it varies from person to person that he/she accepts positive stress and eliminate negative stress and vice-versa.


Sunil Aggarwal said...

Following the Alchemist, a piece on stress and that too, among youth seems quite confusing. Do you really think that if every youth is given as much money as one wants, should it create enough state of consciousness in that person that is free of stress. Don't you think today, we lack the art of first articulating our desire and then, to find a path of fulfilling it. Of course, money is important but more than that, we need to know whether it will solve the incapacity of desire and fulfilment.

Pankaj Aggarwal said...

i totally agree with you that money is not everything but it is something which somewhere helps a person to let him out of stress.i think that inefficiency of man leads to the incapacity of desire and fulfilment.It's easy to have a dream but it's a very difficult question that how to confront our own dream?and attitude also matters.we are told from the childhood that what we want,is impossible.We grow up by this idea and as the years accumulate,there is no excitement left to fulfill the dreams.

Sarbjot Kaur said...

The today's youth is living under stress is true and good topic of discussion.In this materialistic scoeity when start counting down the reasons for our depression or miserable living the naturally our mind ponits towards the financial or other factors on which we are depending so much these days. We so conscious to fulfill our needs to live a comfortable and aristocrat living but we donot even thoughtful about our emotional requirements. We people donot know about ourselves in true sense because who knows in this society to listen to one's own heart but we are so used to see our reflection from the mirror of our so called society. And the same time it is so difficult to find a single person with whom we can share our happiness and stress. With true belongingness and guidence ,we can say good-bye to this stress, and can follow a motivating path to fulfill desires and dreams.
So i fully agree with sunil sir that money is not the only key to feel the fulfillment of life but an art to follow our dreams with dedication is the most important thing in this age.

Nice effort by you, Keep writing.